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The owners of Roshan Overseas Recruitment Agency in the past have been associated with Shamsi Travels & Asad Hayat Air Travel & Tours, which has a record amongst other nearby agencies of giving the lowest price tickets to their clients. Additionally, the company has a long period of Umrah experience and worldwide ticketing with the aim to give its clients the lowest price and the most desired route. Now Malik Muhammad Ajmal Hayat Chief Executive of Shamsi Travels, along with Malik Muhammad Aslam Hayat, the Proprietor of Asad Hayat Air Travel & Tours, presents their service of overseas recruitment with the introduction of “Roshan Overseas Recruitment Agency”.

Roshan as the name implies is here to bring Light into deserving candidates lives who are jobless and financially not stable. Our Services include:

  • Reliable Visa Service
  • Visa Processing
  • Air Ticketing
  • Consultation
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Budget Friendly

We offer visa service, visa processing, Protectorate of Emigrant Offices, Air ticket and free counsultation. We offer market competative pricing and a reliable service.


Experienced Team

We treat every resume with strict confidentiality and will focus on each individual separately by giving them proper consultation and guidance about the most suitable field for them.

Roshan Overseas Recruitment Agency believes in bringing brightness to lives of people who are not financially strong enough to support themselves and are looking for a good job in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing, Doctor, Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Drivers(heavy/Light Duty) and other skilled/unskilled labor.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, Roshan overseas caters the needs of middle class applicants by helping them in their job search and giving them opportunity to work abroad. All the applicant needs to do is to submit their Resumes online on the website or directly to the Roshan Overseas Agency’s office.

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